Thomas Kinkade: Divine Light

A Museum Exhibition of Original Paintings

Extended through March 28, 2014

Divine Light: A Museum Exhibition of Thomas Kinkade Paintings is the title of this exhibition at The Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, Texas. Containing eighteen original oil paintings, the exhibition is an intimate and focused survey of his original work, including a sampling from each of his cottage, lighthouse, garden, and chapel themes. The “Impressions of Israel” series that was painted en plein air in Israel is featured, along with Thomas Kinkade’s early allegorical themed works. This is one of the largest public showings of Thomas Kinkade original paintings.

Today, one need only walk into a gift shop or furnishing store to be confronted with the derivatives of Kinkade’s art work. The television and home shopping networks feature prints and decorative items related to Kinkade. Take a vacation cruise or walk into a craft store and one will experience Kinkade’s paintings in some way. His art has saturated America’s popular culture. This was true in the late 20th century and it is still true here in the early decades of the 21st century.

Museum Curator Scott Peck: “Estimates state that one out of every 20 households own something related to Thomas Kinkade’s art work. It must be said that the sheer amount of sales of his art work and its derivatives in this generation demand one to have to deal with his art on some kind of critical perspective. He is important in the history of religious and popular illustration.” This exhibition is a first step, along with the work of others, in introducing the art of Thomas Kinkade to the art museum world with a goal to contextualize him on a scholarly level.

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Wailing Wall

Via Dolorosa

Prayer for Peace

Pools of Serenity

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