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6th Jerusalem Biennale

"this heart will always keep beating."


Despite the war, the Jerusalem Biennale opens in the USA, Argentina and Europe

The 6th Jerusalem Biennale , which was due to open in Jerusalem on November 9, 2023 with 35 exhibitions showcasing 200 artists in 22 venues, has been postponed to Spring 2024 because of the war. In an immediate show of solidarity and support with Israel, many artists and curators decided to mount some of the scheduled Biennale exhibitions internationally in their own home cities. Exhibitions will open this month in New York, Buenos Aires and Casale (Italy), with further exhibitions scheduled to open shortly in other locations.

Jerusalem Biennale Founder and Creative Director Rami Ozeri: “The Jerusalem Biennale became like a pulse, beating steadily every two years. Since 2013, without exception and despite the many challenges, the Jerusalem Biennale has created a platform for contemporary art at the very center of the Jewish world. Until now. It’s as if the heart skips a beat.

But even now, after the unspeakable pain of October 7, we have witnessed a huge outpouring of solidarity from around the world. Within weeks, our friends and partners have succeeded in mounting in their own cities the exhibitions created for the Jerusalem Biennale. And more are scheduled to open around the world in the coming months. We will continue to nurture the ties of art and culture between Jerusalem and the world today more than ever. This heart will always keep beating.”

The central theme of the 2023 Biennale is Iron Flock, a literal translation of the Hebrew phrase Tzon Barzel. The theme allows for the exploration of the foundations of contemporary culture and to identify, through the eyes of curators and artists from all over the world, the movements, ideas, people, and moments that have become our unsaleable cultural assets. It also gives voice to serious recognition of Jewish and Israeli women artists.

Currently on Exhibit 

November 30, 2023 - April 30, 2024

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