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The MBA Dallas boasts a wide variety of artwork in mediums ranging from painting and sculpture to rare books and lithographs. Notable artists include Barbara Hines, Marc Chagall, Michelangelo, Ron DiCianni and many others.  

European Art Treasury

The Resurrection Mural

Ron DiCianni

Art Conservation Lab

Via Dolorosa

Sculpture Garden

National Center for Jewish Art

The Spirit Of Abstraction

Tapestry of the Centuries

Vladimir Gorsky


MBA Dallas special exhibitions engage topics as colorful and varied as art itself - from aging and the creative process to the evolution of the modern Biblical text. Featured artists include Barbara Hines, George Tobolowsky/James Surls, David Salomon, Helen Zarin, and Jorge Cocco.

Barbara Hines
Celebration Of Survival

The Daughter of Jairus 5mb.jpg

Jorge Cocco
Come Unto Christ

Helen Zarin

Alexander McQueen Duncan

 Seeing the Light

David Salomon
Flowers of the Holy Land


Jorge Cocco

Line Upon Line

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