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Jorge Cocco Santangelo’s distinctive sacrocubist art style brings new dimension and insight to the life of Jesus Christ. Termed “sacrocubism” because of its fusion of simplified modernist form and sacred subjects, Cocco’s style essentializes Biblical narratives with vibrant colors and forms that invite viewers into new dialogues with familiar stories. For Cocco, this style was the culmination of his search for an artistic approach that could capture the profound depth and layered meanings of Christ’s life and teachings.


As Cocco explained, “Most people listening to the parables and miracles do not [understand] more than the surface of the event at first . . . [because] the miracles, life, and plan of God are sometimes hard to comprehend in full, and in some ways, they seem surreal to us. … in reality, Jesus Christ was teaching much greater things. . . . Cubism allows me to play with the composition in such a way that it can express a much deeper level.”


A native of Argentina, Jorge Cocco’s artworks have long earned international attention. As both an artist and teacher, Cocco has lived in Argentina, Spain, Mexico, and the United States. He currently maintains a studio in the Dallas area.

"Come Unto Christ"

Currently on display.

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