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Tapestry of the Centuries Mural

Vladimir Gorsky's world famous Tapestry of the Centuries is a monumental 9 foot by 18 foot painting on canvas which comprises the people and events that shaped world history, from the birth of Jesus Christ through 1999 A.D.  It was first displayed at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, unveiled at a special reception by President H. W. Bush.

"It took many hours to place on canvas ... history ... with an emphasis on Christ, the inspiration I wanted to share with children.  In the Tapestry, I wove the images of great thinkers and political movers ... the texture looks like a tapestry, one image melted to one another, centuries radiating around Christ."
­- Vladimir Gorsky

"Tapestry of the Centuries is a work of deep faith soaked in the tragedies and grandeurs of humanity over the last twenty centuries.  It discloses the mystery of the ongoing struggles between good and evil and between the achievements and degradation that is unfolding and has unfolded on the world stage."
- Cardinal Miller



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