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The Onstead Institute for Education in the Visual Arts & Design and the Department of Art Education and Art History in the College of Visual Arts & Design at The University of North Texas
Tapestries and Sculpture by Linda Stein
October 26 - December 16, 2016  |  Extended through June 30, 2017
Co-Curators: UNT CVAD faculty Dr. Adetty Perez de Miles and MBA Executive Director Scott Peck

Opening Reception: October 26th, 7:00-8:30pm

The National Center for Jewish Art at the Museum of Biblical Art, in cooperation with the Onstead Institute for Education in the College of Visual Arts & Design and the Department of Art Education & Art History at The University of North Texas, presents Holocaust Heroes: Fierce Females, a gripping and evocative exhibition focusing on women during the Holocaust and opening to the public on October 14th.


Holocaust Heroes: Fierce Females features the work of New York artist Linda Stein and highlights women heroes who opposed the Nazi regime in distinct and courageous ways. A long-time advocate for women’s rights and gender equality, Stein has used art to speak to various social justice issues for years, but she was compelled to use the Holocaust as a focal point after her own harrowing experience in Manhattan on 9/11. The exhibition features dramatic mixed-media tapestries and sculpture that pay homage to individual female Holocaust heroes, including Anne Frank, Ruth Gruber, and Nancy Wake, among others. Stein emphasizes the significance of highlighting women heroes, because she asserts that “while many people have been recognized for their courage during horrific times, less attention has been placed on the women who made a difference.” MBA Executive Director and Curator Scott Peck calls the exhibition “significant for Holocaust art and Holocaust studies. Linda Stein is a powerful artist who teaches us social justice – to stand up for women and anyone who is bullied, mistreated, or discriminated against.”

Anti-bullying field trips and teacher training are being organized collaboratively by the Museum, the UNT Department of Art Education & Art History, and the Onstead Institute. Public schools may arrange admission-free field trips by

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Exhibition Information & Field Trip Arrangements: 214-368-4622

Artist Linda Stein:

Based in New York, Linda Stein has earned a global reputation as a is a prolific artist, activist, and educator. Her H2F2 artwork tells the story of ten female "Holocaust Heroes" and explores the themes of protection, bravery, identity, power, leadership, and justice.  Please visit the Holocaust Heroes: Fierce Females page on the Museum website to learn more about Linda Stein and her fascinating exhibtion.