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Employment Opportunities

Museum Associate - POSITION FILLED


Hours: 10-19 hours weekly (part time)
Start Date: Immediately

Job Description: Entry level. Part time position. Excellent opportunity to learn about Museums and break into the Museum world. Especially good job for students or spouses seeking meaningful part time employment. Variety of duties including:

  • Providing customer service and visitor relations.

  • Greeting visitors, giving directions and explaining exhibits.

  • Helping Curators set up and change exhibits or collections.

  • Assisting with packing and unpacking items arriving from or being sent to other museums.

  • Basic art education and giving tours to individuals or groups.

  • Handling admissions and describing the gallery experiences.

  • Marketing books, postcards and souvenirs in the Museum shop.

  • Walking the galleries, guarding items on display and assisting with security.

  • General reception duties such as answering phones, maintaining records and taking bookings

  •  Helping to keep the museum clean and efficient.

  •  Assisting in experiences for museum engagement and visitation.

Candidate Qualifications: No experience necessary.  

Candidate should have:

  •  Professional attitude.

  •  Physically fit with good stamina.

  •  Desire to learn new skills.

  •  Ability to be flexible and able to adapt.

  •  Friendly and can work well with a variety of people.

  •  Outstanding ability or aptitude to communicate.

  •  Excellent work ethic and moral stance.

  •  Interest in art and teaching about art.


Every day at the museum is interesting and provides the opportunity for helping visitors to have unforgettable experiences.

Send resume to

Museum Custodian - POSITION FILLED

Hours: 10-19 hours weekly (part time)

Start Date: Immediately

Job Description: Part time position. Experience preferred. Variety of part time duties including:

  • Cleaning the interiors.

  • Help maintaining outdoor grounds.

  • Emptying trash.

  • Maintaining supply room.

  • Sweeping and mopping floors.

  • Moving and setting up chairs and tables.

  • Cleaning and maintaining restrooms.

  • Replacing light bulbs.

  • Operating floor scrubber.

Candidate Qualifications:  

Candidate should have:

  • Excellent sanitation and cleaning skills.

  • Physically fit.

  • Time management skills.

  • Experience maintaining and cleaning industrial equipment.

  • Excellent attention to details.


Keeping the Museum clean with proper maintenance is vital to our visitor experience. Our Museum Custodians are appreciated and respected.

Send resume to

Contact Information:

7500 Park Lane
Dallas TX 75225

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