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The Spirit of Abstraction

A beautifully complex and transcendent sculpture garden right alongside Boedeker and Park Ln.

Come and experience the newest outdoor edition to our growing garden on the corner of our lot at Boedeker and Park. With artists from Tobolowsky to Surls you'll see modern industrial design and deep idealistic works that breathe a breath of fresh air into the sophisticated world of abstract sculpture art. With plans to add even more pieces by the end of the year the ever changing garden is sure to be a defining point of destination in the Dallas Fort Worth area.
Currently you can see artists such as George Tobolowsky, James Surls, Bill Wiener,  Sherry Owens, Chris Lattanzio, Simon Waranch, DeWayne Hughes, Fred Villanueva and even Gib Singleton in our Via Dolorosa garden against the front side of the building.  
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