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Traditions & Transitions, A Brad Abrams Retrospective


Exhibit currently on display 

The Museum of Biblical Art, Dallas presents Transitions and Traditions, an exhibition featuring the vibrant glass artwork of local artist, Brad Abrams. Abrams’ art is fresh and energetic, and the exhibition explores a range of topics including life, death, faith and the natural world. Transitions and Traditions depicts the many moods of life, from the somber to the joyful, all with the humor and energy that are hallmarks of Abrams’ style.

Abrams’ uses various techniques to craft his glass in imaginative and unconventional ways. Some sculptures are organic, blown-glass pieces while others are heavier, cast-glass works crafted by pouring hot, melted glass into pre-made molds to form shapes. Once complete, Abrams applies color to the surface of the glass for added whimsy. The final products depict subjects fitting for their various creation methods. Weighty, cast-glass gravestones and coffins contrast with airy, blown-glass leaves, butterflies, and insects.

Transitions and Traditions is a biographical exhibition – the works illustrate Abrams’ growth and maturity as an artist – but it also speaks to the universal reality of change that occurs in nature and in the lives of people.  Art Historian and Curator, Scott Peck, remarks on how Abrams’ works of art “use nature to symbolize different phases in life and to juxtapose the fleeting with the enduring.” He calls it, “Glass art at its liveliest.” Transitions and Traditions chronicles Brad Abrams’ own experiences and it takes the viewer along for the journey. A reception and ‘meet-and-greet’ with the artist will take place on Wednesday October 19th at 7:00 PM.

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