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Current Exhibits

Remembering Earth  Day

Care for the Creation: The Journey of Restoration by Barbara Hines

The circle of life has been disrupted; our world and all life needs healing. “Earth Day “, coordinated by David Hayes in 1970, reminds us to give gratitude, respect and behave accordingly. The concept of Tikkun Olam (Hebrew) expresses the idea of repairing G-d’s creation in both the physical world as well as human behavior and attitudes. Artist Barbara Hines created a series of paintings for the Jerusalem Biennale 2019 which invite us to participate in this restorative process in all dimensions.

Revolutions in Creation by  Barbara  Hin

The painting called Revolution, contrasts the harmony and health of divine creation with the current disruptions on land, sea, air and in all lifeforms. The golden circle of life suggests the precious cyclical pattern of destruction and healing as the inherent blueprint of life on earth. The face masks were a premonition of what shortly was to come.

Revolutions in Creation; the Time is Now Barbara Hines 2019

mixed media on canvas 6ft X 6ft

The countdown, a warning symbolized by the clock, expresses the perhaps irreparable destruction that human action can have on the environment and on all species. The time to engage in repair is running out; we are losing species as well as human well-being.

Ashes by  Barbara Hines.jpg
In our Hands by  Barbara Hines.jpg

Ashes   Barbara Hines 2019 Mixed media painting on canvas. 6ft x 6ft

As caretakers of the world, we have choices in every action we take and idea we put forth. Here the circle transforms into a man-made creation, the wheel, which implies there are unlimited directions for humankind to take. Our creative talents can conquer boundless horizons.

In Our Hands, Barbara Hines 2019 Mixed media painting on canvas, 6ft X 6ft

In both the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Bible, the message of G-d’s commitment to honor his promises to humankind are made clear. Hines reminds us of G-d’s faithfulness. We have been gifted with life, this world complete with all lifeforms, and the ability to choose, in no matter what circumstances. However, we must make choices and take action to participate in the divine healing process. Hines gives us the inspiration and encouragement to reestablish and rebuild our world in the way it was divinely ordained.

The Promise by  Barbara Hines.jpg

The Promise   Barbara Hines 2019 Mixed media on canvas.  6ft X 6ft

Alexander McQueen  Duncan

Our Legacy of Waste I 2019  Alexander Mc

Our Legacy of Waste 1, Alexander McQueen Duncan, mixed media on canvas, 2019, 36 in x 138 in

You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. - C.S. Lewis

Genesis reminds us of our custodial responsibilities during our living years.   The image of our blue planet Earth taken from the Moon shows how beautiful and fragile it is.  For each and every scrap of polluting waste, someone is personally answerable for their singular action.   Our oceans are the last repository but 'out of sight out of mind' no longer applies, the evidence is returned to us on the tides. 

It is the artist's role to confront this issue, even when it is sourced from the detritus of what has become a selfish example of our human existence.  Recontextualizing waste can in itself become visually fascinating.  C.S.  Lewis's words have initiated this challenge.

Our Legacy of Waste II  2019  Alexander

Our Legacy of Waste 2, Alexander McQueen Duncan, mixed media on canvas, 2019, 36 in x 138 in

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