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David Salomon
"Flowers of the Holy Land"

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The exhibition Flowers of the Holy Land, featuring the work of Photographer David Salomon, is an installation grounded in memory and remembrance. Opening April 2nd at the Museum of Biblical Art and the National Center for Jewish Art in Dallas, the photographs are connected to the artist’s own recollections. Salomon grew up in Israel when the population was much smaller than it is today. His parents were of modest means and his family would tour the State of Israel often. In the days of his childhood, travel was very easy and common, with few constraints and guidelines. Salomon’s family would take special trips to travel to find flowers throughout Israel to learn about its natural history and connections to the Bible.

Curator Dr. Scott Peck states: “The artist recreates family experiences in his photographic work to share the beauty and power of the flowers from the Holy Land with the viewer.” Salomon declares: “My love for photography, my love for nature, my love for Israel, all come together in what you are seeing. This is symbolized in my love for my mother who came with me to take every picture.” Every photograph is artistically composed by Salomon to teach connections to history and the places where Bible stories took place.

Many of the flowers in the show can only be found in Israel and the Middle East. The photographs in this exhibition present a historical context through flowers with details and descriptions alongside each installed piece. These compositions are like points of intersection because the Holy Land is an important place for flowers, just like it is an important place for the intersections of world history. An appreciation of Israel and the Holy Land is being passed on to future generations through this groundbreaking exhibition.

Flowers of the Holy Land Exhibition

April 1 – June 30, 2023

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