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Fred Villanueva

Fred Villanueva (b. 1973-) creates large scale paintings, sculptures, and time-based installations. His work combines images with abstract and figurative styles. Fred has exhibited in New York City, across the USA, Madrid, Spain, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and more recently at the New Orleans Museum of Art, Delurk Gallery North Carolina, Mary Tomas Gallery Dallas, Artes de La Rosa Cultural Center Fort Worth, and the Dallas Latino Cultural Center. Current major projects include the creation of Ash Studios ( ), a monumental scale social practice art project in Dallas. Art formative experiences in California, New York City, and Texas defy the label of “local” or “regional”; rather the work is contemporary in its emphasis on trans-disciplinary and conceptually driven practice. His greatest work is being father to his toddler girl, Rosario Teresia Villanueva.

Pasiphäe - Wax and Oil on canvas 2003-2018

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