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From Pebbles to Pixels:

The Importance and Evolution of Style

JOIN US for a presentation by Dr. Sheila Campbell and Artist Lilian Broca


Tuesday, January 24, 5:30-7:00PM


Light refreshments provided

In this talk/presentation, Sheila Campbell and Lilian Broca will demonstrate the need and importance of personal visions and variety of styles in our overlapping multicultural societies, when we engage in creating contemporary mosaic art. Dr. Sheila Campbell will speak about the emergence of the narrative in the 21st century seen through two mosaic series, one in the Byzantine Style, the other in the Critical Post Modernist approach. Lilian Broca’s slide presentation will cover the transition from a contemporary Byzantine style body of work to the more naturalistic and robust Post Modernist one. Both series examine the politics of humanity, various human senses and emotions, all deserving to be witnessed and shared as they are inherent in personal artistic practice.

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