Join us for an artist reception celebrating 

Jewish artists in America

Featuring Artists:
Veronique Jonas, Jamie Pink Weisbrod, Julie Mee'tal and Jan Ayres Friedman

Artist Reception
Thursday, December 7th
6:00 - 7:00pm
Museum of Biblical Art / National Center for Jewish Art

In Cooperation with

Texas Jewish Artist Association


The arrival of Judaism into the Americas is a watershed moment for religion, art and politics. How has Judaism affected the Americas, specifically the United States? What does it mean to be Jewish and American in the 21st Century? This exhibition features statements about Judaism from four Jewish American artists, reflecting diversity with unique perspectives. Each of these artists demonstrate their own perspectives of Judaism through their artistic medium. Jewish Artists in America is a call to admiration and appreciation of the Jewish Faith, Symbolism, Culture and The State of Israel. 

(Artwork from Left to Right: Veronique Jonas, Jan Ayres Friedman, Jamie Pink Weisbrod, Julie Mee'tal)

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