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by Kirk Clark

- Now Showing -

"My name is Kirk Clark. I’m from McAllen, Texas. Both my parents were artists and collectors. So I grew up in a visually rich environment. And was always very encouraged to do artwork. My parents gave me my first canvas and paints when i was ten years old. That was sixty-one years ago. So it’s been a very interesting journey. There were several gaps in there where I wasn’t doing art everyday. But I was an art graduate from the University of New Mexico. I did art all through high school, but I got back into the business world. I’m actually a Chevrolet dealer and a Honda dealer and an Allstate Insurance agent. So I’m kind of an unusual combination of your typical artist. But it’s my passion.

I’m delighted to have Intuition shown at the Museum of Biblical Art and the Nation Center for Jewish Art."

"Every piece of the twenty five paintings that are going to be in the show are titled the same: Intuition. Unlike most of the shows that I’ve had, that have had individual titles for work. I thought it would be interesting to do a show as a stream of consciousness- there’s a beginning and an end of the period of concentration. And they are so tied together, they’re like molecules on the skin of your arm- they’re inseparable from your arm. So that was my approach."

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