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Nan Phillips

Fused Glass Exhibition

- Artist Bio -

I am a full-time glass artist and teacher with over 20 years' experience in art glass and figurative sculpture.

I taught glass and figurative sculpture for five years at studios in Cedar Hill, Plano and Richardson before opening my own teaching studio in Richardson in 2008.

I currently hold weekly classes six days a week, teaching fused glass and stained glass, and I offer glass workshops and fused glass art parties for adults and children on request.

Join us, as we welcome into our library, the wonderfully colorful and diverse works of artist Nan Phillips. As a renowned Dallas local, Nan has thrived using a technique known as glass fusion wherein she merges two or more (sometimes hundreds) of glass slivers, sheets, and shapes to create gorgeously contrasted glass works.

She has also perfected a technique that looks like woven glass, by using long strings of thin glass, placing and layering them, to create a woven masterpiece that looks as radiant as silk.

Nan's work spans that of landscapes, sculpture, jewelry and many Jewish related items. 

With such diverse glass work and a milestone for her career, this is a show you can't pass up.

- Now Showing -

- Artist Statement -

My background as a sculptor and my passion for working in three dimensions led me to create sculptural fused glass art using controlled kiln work.  I love turning hard, flat sheets of glass into beautiful forms and textures.  And I enjoy the challenge of finding the precise technical parameters to achieve the specific texture and results that I want to attain for each piece of artwork.

My other passions are teaching glass and sculpture to adult students and working with other artists and art organizations.

I discovered many years ago that I love working with, and teaching others the technical skills needed to create their own artwork.  It is so fulfilling to see their joy and pride at their accomplishment of bringing their artistic vision to reality.

I also feel great value in working with art organizations to help support and promote other artists.  By helping others, I am also helping myself to learn and to grow as an artist, as a person, and as a member of a community.


Nan Phillips

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