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Artist Reception 3-5pm Sunday, June 18

Steve Uriegas was raised in the coastal city of Corpus Christi in South Texas. He was an aspiring musician playing drums in marching band during junior high school and in several rock and roll bands from his teens into early adulthood in Dallas, Texas. He then progressed as a graphic artist servicing a variety of industries, primarily oil and gas for which he’s contributed for over a decade helping to pioneer a unique form of geological illustrations.

It was noticed that he was naturally artistic at a very early age. He spent most of his childhood drawing, taking influence from comic books, album art and the colorful decor of his Hispanic heritage. In later years his artistic concepts have since been inspired by observation, human emotion, inward struggles, spirituality and daily longevity. Whether it’s impressionistic, abstract, modern, or a mixture, his techniques have varied using different styles that seem to greatly contrast and even contradict each other at times.

The Art Of Verses

Steve has worked in a variety of mediums and styles, but is exceptionally excited about the creation of his new paintings done in what he describes as Angular Expressionism. He is currently also being featured at Ten 20 Gallery in downtown Plano.

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