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Paradox: Selected Works by Johannes Boekhoudt
A man with a truly global heritage, Johannes Boekhoudt is known internationally for his ability to transmit emotion and marry artistic talent with thoughtful commentary. Paradox, at The Museum of Biblical Art, Dallas showcases the bold, expressive works of this Dutch Caribbean artist.
Boekhoudt's large-scale, graphic paintings in striking primary colors draw stylistic inspiration from greats like Picasso, de Kooning, Pollock, and others, and the cross-hatched brush stroke motif in many of his pieces has become his signature. Paradox illuminates these stylistic manuevers and offers a glance into the artist's own experiences, observations, and beliefs.
But as much as Paradox delves into commentary, it is also revealing of the challenges of the creative process. Boekhoudt sheds light on the exhibition's title, explaining "the exhibition reflects my own personal paradox; the manner in which I struggle to express myself with different techniques to try to arive at the true essence of the subject." 
Curated specifically for the Museum of Biblical Art, Paradox evokes empathy from viewers while standing as a testament to Boekhoudt's artistic mastery. In Paradox, Boekhoudt articulates the range of the human experience, from the undeniably troubling to the remarkably joyful. 
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