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Saturdays, March 12th, 19th, 26th, 1-3pm

$50.00/class - supplies included


*Discount offered for MBA Guild Members

Contact Maria Sheets for details.


The Museum of Biblical Art, Dallas is excited to announce a workshop by artist/art conservator Maria Valentina Sheets teaching the art form of Ukrainian Pysanky Easter Eggs. Maria learned the craft from Valentina Bezney, a native Ukrainian, who has practiced this art-form for over 40 years. The Pysanka art form became a traditional way of decorating Easter eggs using beeswax and dyes to create a beautifully thematic work of art.


According to Bezney, “Depending on the symbolism used, the Pysanka may convey a wish for good health, long life, wisdom, love, wealth and prosperity. The most important quality of the Pysanka is the power of love which the egg conveys to the person receiving it. The egg signifies life and the shape represents the universe. According to legend, as long as Pysankys are made there will be life in the universe.”


Maria Sheets is owner of her own conservation firm and chief conservator with the Museum of Biblical Art, Dallas. Her conservation company serves private, gallery, corporate, and museum collections. In addition to Pysanky eggs, Maria works in traditional art forms such as painting, iconography, repousse and stained glass. As a conservator, she works to preserve a wide variety of contemporary and traditional fine art media.


Call or text Maria Sheets for questions and registration | 972-672-8965

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