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Remember 9/11 Exhibitions


Fall of 2021 marks the 20 year anniversary of the events of 9/11. In observance, the Museum will be hosting a variety of exhibitions.


The Remember 9/11 Exhibitions will open at the Museum of Biblical Art on the morning of September 11th 2021.


The first will include International and Texas artwork in a collaborative exhibition with the Ground Zero 360 nonprofit called "Remembrance". Historical items will be displayed in memory of the fallen alongside works from Texas artists such as James Surls, Sherry Owens, Barbara Hines, Michael Roque Collins, Pamela Nelson, Sharon Kopriva, and George W. Bush, as well as international artists like Sean Scully, Robert Ballagh, Guggi, Eamon Colman and the Edge from the band U2.  

The second 9/11 themed exhibition features contemporary mosaic artists like Toyohayu Kii, Gérard Brand, Helga Dangel, Verdiano Marzi and Renée Antoine Malaval with mosaics about restoration entitled

"Repair, Rebuild, Renew"

 Over 30 Texas ceramic artists such as James Watkins, Danville Chadbourne, Louis Katz, Piero Fenci, Jeff Forster and Paul McCoy will be displayed in the third 9/11 themed exhibition called "Broken and Whole", where artists deal with trauma and healing, hosted by the Museum of Biblical Art Ceramic Center.


Texas sculptors like Dewane Hughes, Elizabeth Akamatsu, Susan Budge, George Tobolowsky and Meredith Jack will be presented in the "We Will Remember" outdoor sculpture exhibit from the Texas Sculpture Group.


Come see these important art exhibitions as we learn the history, honor the families and remember the fallen.

Opening September 11, 2021

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