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Emerging artist Stanley Bell's exhibit "Biblical Proportions" is currently on display.  His artwork has been displayed publicly at the Dallas Museum of Art, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and the Aspen Museum of Art. However, this is his first solo museum exhibition. The artist has deep Dallas roots growing up locally, attending Booker T. Washington Arts School. In this exhibition Bell explores his background and journey in Judaism, chronicling themes such as identity, faith and healing.

Influences such as graffiti, street art, popular culture, comic books and outsider art are revealed in Bell’s artistic creations. Termed as dream-like and even hallucinogenic, his art intertwines science, natural environments and urban landscapes with graphic features and symbolic elements. The piece titled Mitzvah explores the challenge of individual kindness and helping the unfortunate in times of need. Gates of Prayer is about battling with depression and a Rabbi’s healing prayers. In the artwork Tattoos are Forever, the artist explores his coming to grips with his own family members being murdered in the Holocaust.

“From time to time, one may have the honor to witness a transition of an artist from the ‘young and chaotic’ to being the ‘master of their creative realm’, so it is with my perspective of Stanley Bell” from Artist James Surls. Curator Scott Peck “Dreamscapes and multi-sensory realms are whimsically created in the artwork of Stanley Bell, taking the viewer on imaginative and inventive expeditions that nurture one’s soul.”

"Biblical Proportions"

Opening reception honoring Stanley Bell

Sunday, November 21, 2021

1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Currently on display.

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