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 The Museum of Biblical Art / National Center for Jewish Art is pleased and honored to present Mr. Taupin's first major museum exhibition.  The impressive collection of nearly 50 unique painting and sculpture works has been assembled from the past 20 years of his creative output.

As an immigrant and for decades a US citizen living on his ranch in California, his story-telling is expressed using American Flag fragments in works including, "The Currency of Denial Is Not Accepted", "Home on the Range", "I Don't Play No Rock 'n Roll".  Artworks formed from his life experiences in Abstract Expressionism, Americana and Judo-Christian philosophies are seen in "Acoustic Calvary" and "American Faith". His history and passion for American Roots Music including bluegrass and country western include "Mother Maybelle" and "Texas Lightnin'."

Exclusive for the museum, Taupin created a massive wall installation, 25' x 12' entitled "THE WALL" based on his iconic "Sleeping Beauty" series, with multiple metaphorical implications in his unique storytelling reflections.

On comparing his music writings and his visual art, Bernie Taupin states, "Music and art is an eventual collision...each emerge from the same internal place..." 

"My dimensional work is simply the visual extension of what I have spent my life creating through words."


Bernie Taupin

"American Anthem"

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