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2017 8X8 Art Exhibition & Auction

Saturday November 11, 7-9P.M.

Support the Museum of Biblical Art in its mission to provide a place of peace in the city and enrich the culture of Dallas through art and education.

The Museum of Biblical Art presents an evening of "artsy" fun with its annual

Eight-by-Eight Art Exhibition and Auction. Over 100 mini works of art by premier gallery and celebrity artist contributors will be available to guests in a silent auction.

The evening festivities will also include food trucks and the live Country Swing band, Shoot Low Sherif

                         Free Admission  -  Attire: Texas-casual  -  RSVP: 214.368.4622













8x8 Event Concept Creator

Jeff Levine

Eight-by-Eight was created in 2010 by Jeff Levine, current CEO of ModMedia. Levine based the name on the number 8, which is a symbol for the Hebrew word for life, or "Chai."

"So," says Levine, "8x8 is a double portion of life, or a life doubly-blessed."

Levine is thrilled to see his concept come to life for the 7th year in a row at the Museum of Biblical Art. He offers his gratitude by saying, "thanks to all who help share the Museum's programs with deserving kids and art-loving adults."

Event Co-Chairs

Bob Malenfant & Scott Peck

Celebrity Artists

-2017 To Be Announced Soon-

Previous artists included Carol Burnett,

JoAnne Worley, Kris Kristofferson and Lily Tomlin

Featured Artists

Fred Villanueva :: Gabriel Dawe :: Alvar Sunol :: Guillaume Azoulay :: Jeffrey Brosk

JD Miller :: Brad Abrams :: George Tobolowsky :: Morton Rachofsky :: Johannes Boekhoudt


Michael O'Keefe ~ Mary Brundage ~ Carole Harston ~ Mark McGahan ~ Kay M. Wyne ~ Pamela Rabin ~ KAT

Steve Uriegas ~ David Z. Williams ~ Terry Cooper ~ Donna Herbener ~ Marilyn Todd Daniels ~ Sherri Mignonne

Ali Mignonne ~ Fran Di Giacomo ~ Hyun Ju Chung ~ Esther Ritz ~ Morton Rachofsky ~ Linda Chidsey

Jackie Johnston ~ Jeffrey Brosk ~ Carol Flueckiger ~ Betse Lanier ~ Ann DeRulle ~ Peggy Judy ~ Veronique Jonas

Nancy Busey ~ Ann L. McCann ~ Colleen Drew ~ Chong K. Chu ~ Christina Mitchella ~ Alvar Sunol ~ Shayema Rahim

Don Sahli ~ Lynn Baskind ~ Susan Harmon ~ Lauren Pingree ~ Debbie Chiecchi Jackson ~ Brad Abrams

Sherri Mignonne ~ Celine Raphael-Leygunes ~ Sharon Hodges ~ mark Kutler Emma Pate ~ Roger Colombik

Elizabeth Porras ~ Jeanette Korab ~ Carole Wolanow

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